About us

The company Zayatine Sfax brings together technicians and agronomists who have benefited from domestical land for rent over a period of 40 years.

The operators of the companies exploit an area of ​​?? distributed on the delegration of Menzel Chaker ….. ho and the degration of Agareb ….. ho.

The total number of adult olive feet is …………..

The dominant variety of these farms is the Sfax Chemtale, which is over 100 years old and has a density of 17 feet per hectare.

In order to minimize the expenses and to valorize their products, these technicians created in 1998 the ZAYATINE Company.

In 1998, all of the associates’ holdings were converted to organic, are certified and certified by Ecosert.

The production of ZAYATINE is mainly made of organic olives and transformed into oil; This production is important in the years of good productiob and fall in the years of dryness, the farms are in the process of remedying this problem by introducing the cultivation of the olive tree in larvae and has a density more important than the rainy culture.

Small amount of amonde variety Mazetto is produced, the leaves of olives used as medicinal plant, Coctus; feve; and also in the records of the exploits.

Trituration of the olives is carried out under subcontracting in oil mills endowed with a chain continuous contine with a separation in the time and a procedure of unpackaging the storage of the olives and the oil is carried out with a separation in the space.